Relentless is available for a variety of events. Rates are very negotiable depending on what the chartering party is willing to provide. Since so many variables are involved in yacht racing, we have provided a rough estimate based on daily rate. Includes time of return delivery

Private Charter

  • Charter Fee: $3,000.00 USD USD per day. This includes boat and sails as is.
  • Representative: $400.00 USD per day. (Professional Sailor)
  • 15 Day CABO/PV Charter: $45,000 USD
  • Transpac Charter $75,000 USD (+-30 Days)

Individual Charter

  • Cabo Race:     $5,000.00 USD per person
  • PV Race:     $7,000.00 USD per person
  • Transpac Race:    $10,000.00 USD per person


  • Sailor Resumes for everyone onboard
  • Financial background check/credit report (private charter)
  • Proof of Assets and Liabilities (Private charter)
  • Letter of Credit for $100,000.00 damage (Private charter)
  • Delivery Crew with resume and License (Private charter)
  • Safety at Sea certification

Information for Private Charter (Racing)

The boat will be presented: clean, empty of water and fuel if desired, desired sail inventory, all rigging, racing interior, bottom, serviced motor, safety equipment for 10 total sailors( excluding personal harness)

Additional boat prep will be billed at $65 per hour/per person plus material. Specialist jobs billed at cost plus 15% or provided and managed by charter party independently. All work to be conducted on the vessel must be approved by Four Sevens Santa Cruz 52 LLC prior to installation.