Relentless is a high end racing yacht with a deep racing pedigree. The boat has participated in multiple transpacific yacht races (TRANSPAC) and numerous Mexican races such as San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, Newport to Cabo, Long Beach to Cabo etc. The boat has also raced in many short course events up and down the coast. 


Private Charter

  • The boat is available for private charter for virtually any race or cruise. This enables the chartering party to pick any crew. This is especially popular for families that would like to compete in an offshore event together but don’t have a vessel capable of the trip. (Small boat owners). Relentless, being a large stable race boat offers comfort for people of all ages.  
  • Charterers in the past have chosen their own crews that range from professional sailors to old friends. In every case, a representative from Four Sevens Santa Cruz 52 LLC comes along for insurance purposes and all around systems. The representative is usually someone that has a lot of time on the boat, and can give advice on sail selections, and help crew members with the functions of the boat. Less experienced team may need additional representatives. Additional requirements are available under rates.


Individual Charter

Individual charters are available for sailor that want to enjoy the thrills of offshore racing but may not have the skill set or income to participate on their own. If and when the Relentless is planning a race. Individual spots are available for purchase. Many have experienced offshore racing at a fraction of the cost while learning from experienced sailors along the way. Charterers get to do any positions they feel comfortable doing from driving to foredeck and anything in between. Charterers are treated as a members of the crew and are expected to stand watch, and do normal crew duties. This gives participants the full experience of what offshore sailing entails.